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"Dr. Carlana and her staff are excellent! They truly care about total health! Which starts in the mouth. Our family love this office and highly recommend Dr. Midence."

"She's a really good dentist and treats all her patients really well. I wouldn't trade her for anyone. She's my number 1 dentist :)"


"Amazing service."


888 Griffiths Way,
Mainland ML12345

Gzim M.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Dr. Carlana Midence

888 Griffiths Way,
Mainland ML12345

Dr. C. Midence's Dental Office

When it comes to your oral health, nothing less than the highest standards will do. Dr. C. Midence Dental Office provides a safe and friendly environment to provide you with great oral care.
At Dr. C. Midence Dental Office, we are committed to:
  • Our patients overall dental health
  • To listen to our patients to understand their oral health needs and expectations, according to their life circumstances
  • To offer our patients customized treatment plans to help them achieve and maintain their oral health
  • To provide a comfortable environment for our patients' appointments
  • To provide the greatest value to our patients that includes a high level of dental education to help them maintain a healthy smile
Our staff consists of experienced and continually trained educators.



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